Tuesday, 29 January 2008

She Crawls!

Yes she has finally learned how to go forwards, after being completely frustrated for weeks. She figured it out on the 25th and is already getting better, if I leave the room she now follows me whineing for me to slow down so she can keep up! Fi will crawl to you if you call her but will stop just out of reach, then belly flop expecting to be picked up. I realise how unsafe my house is now she is mobile, once we have moved I will be baby proofing everything! Also a bit of news, Fiona is getting a little brother or sister by the end of September, yes mum is pregnant again!

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Bounty photo in hospital

Bounty photo in hospital

There's always time to sleep

Uncle Paul gets in with a hug

I've had a hard day!

Me, Uncle Dave & Mummy

Delivery Suite

Delivery Suite
Happy Mummy

Cousin Bronte needs a hug

Happy Cousin Trinny

What's that?

The rest of the family

The rest of the family
Uncle Stu gets a cuddle (at last)

me & grandad

Me & Auntie Nic

Me & Grandma

Me & Nana Murray


1st family photo

Double Trouble Baby cousins - Fiona and Autumn relaxing on the sofa

Tiny toes

What am I doing on the floor!!

Look at me

BIG hug for mummy

I think i'm a zebra

What are you doing to me mummy!

Hospital Ward

Hospital Ward
Proud Daddy