Thursday, 12 July 2007

2 Months old - Jabs tomorrow...

Today I went to baby clinic, I now weigh 12lb 3oz! Growing well, just like my cousin Autumn. I now smile at people a lot more and giggle a bit too. I have discovered what my hands are too and quite like popping them in my mouth for a chew. When mummy puts me under my mobile toys I bat them with my hands and every morning I always have a big smile and a hug for her too. I'm keeping mummy busy whilst daddy is back at work, lots of puking and lots of drinking milk. I watch a little bit of tv now too and find teletubbies funny.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

7 Weeks Old

Hi, for the past few weeks I have been mostly putting on weight being sick after every feed and sleeping. I weighed 11lb 4oz 3 days ago, must be more now!! I have learnt how to smile and follow people around the room with my eyes mainly mummy & daddy, I also recognise thier voices. I am getting stronger every day, being able to hold my head up for longer periods of time, I'm also finding my voice, screaming a little louder and making cute noises.


Bounty photo in hospital

Bounty photo in hospital

There's always time to sleep

Uncle Paul gets in with a hug

I've had a hard day!

Me, Uncle Dave & Mummy

Delivery Suite

Delivery Suite
Happy Mummy

Cousin Bronte needs a hug

Happy Cousin Trinny

What's that?

The rest of the family

The rest of the family
Uncle Stu gets a cuddle (at last)

me & grandad

Me & Auntie Nic

Me & Grandma

Me & Nana Murray


1st family photo

Double Trouble Baby cousins - Fiona and Autumn relaxing on the sofa

Tiny toes

What am I doing on the floor!!

Look at me

BIG hug for mummy

I think i'm a zebra

What are you doing to me mummy!

Hospital Ward

Hospital Ward
Proud Daddy